Life Groups

Life Groups are an integral part of Life Church!

As a church we have established Wednesday nights as our Life Groups night (activities and acts of service may flow into other days). Life Groups meet in various homes and are structured to include people from all ages and walks of life. In other words, they are intergenerational—truly a family experience—and each group is unique because of the differences we all carry.

What are life groups?

Life Groups provide a basis within the church for; Care, Equipping, Community and Service (the four main aspects of Life Groups). In a Life Group, you experience family, fun, and growth in the Spirit. Come alongside others to encourage them and be encouraged. Laugh, eat, and pray. Learn more about the abundance God has for you. Get to know the people in your group. They will bless and challenge you! Learn about the life God wants for you, and the power He gives us. Everyone has a story and everyone has something to give. Life Groups provide space for our stories, faith and life to grow together.