We’ve been asked, “why do you call your Sunday gathering ‘Celebration’?” That’s a valid question. First response would be, we gather together to ‘Celebrate’ what God is doing in our lives, and encourage one another in faith, as we: worship, pray, hear God’s word, and fellowship. Secondly, we really have a good time—we celebrate—as any family when they get together for a special occasion. There is an expectation as we gather on Sundays, seeking God together.

Sundays 10:00am


Celebration starts at 10am; visitors are often more punctual than family (this truth applies to this family too!), but don’t worry, there is always someone there by 9am. Concerned about what to wear? God is deeply concerned with our heart, so we ask you to come with a heart that desires to meet with God, and clothing that helps you do so. Think comfortable, as if you were going to see friends.


We broadcast our services online as well using Zoom. This allows us to add some interaction when possible. Lyrics are on screen during worship and you will be able to see live video of our service.

If you would like to join in online, please contact us for login information.

What to expect

Expect the unexpected! We serve a God who has freed slaves, lifted the low, forgiven our sin and He invites us to know and walk in the love of Jesus; and then, to love sacrificially, just like Jesus…Great Expectations! However, we also know what it means to hurt and provide a safe place for weary pilgrims; there’s plenty of room for the broken, disenfranchised, dysfunctional, tired and hurting. Come and heal as you hear and experience the love of God through His people who are walking in the healing of Jesus too! You’ll be in good company!

What’s expected of me?

Meet a few people, grab some snacks afterward, and hopefully enjoy the time with us! If you have any questions about: God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), what we believe as a church, and where we’re going together – simply ask.

What about kids and babies?

Children stay for part of the singing/worship and then are invited to gather together with some caring and fun child workers, who lead them in an interactive time of learning and growing in faith. We also have a nursery open for the duration of the service to give parents a break and show God’s love to these precious little ones!