Halloween Food Drive

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Collecting food for Loaves and Fishes food bank. This year there will be two options for donating: either you can drop items off yourself at the drop box at Life Church from October 29-31, or contact us to come by and collect from your place in Claremont.

If you would like us to collect from your place, please send us you address by email, directly to Craig if you have his info, or contact us through our facebook page. We will be starting pickup at 6:30 on the 31st so please have your food out on your front step or driveway by that time.

We can only accept non-perishable foods, and of course expired foods will end up being disposed of. This year the food bank has a specific need for canned vegetables, pasta sauce, canned fruit, apple sauce, and cereal.

Let’s bless the food bank and those who are in need of it!!!