Claremont Winter Carnival

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The Claremont Winter Carnival starts this Friday (February 2) and runs until Sunday February 11. Check out the schedule below and connect with Claremont Community on Facebook for ongoing details and events. We’ll be hosting events at the LC on Sunday (4), Wednesday (6) and Friday (11). Hope to see you out!

Life Groups are starting

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Hi everyone! By now you should have received an email from your Life Group leader(s) about tonight. We are back on with Life Groups. If you aren’t a part of a part of a Life Group or want to know more about what Life Groups are, just ask! Most of our church family are a part of one and can fill you in, so… ask away! We’re looking forward to seeing our groups again!

Life Church Prayer Week 2018

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January 8-12, 7-8:30 each night we will have guided times of prayer. Local, global, personal and corporate; we will be seeking God’s heart for the days, months, and year ahead. We want to encourage you to fast this week as well if you are able: from food, media, or other things. Let’s be ready and press into God together!

Book of James Devotional Resource

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For those who are participating in Word Studies: James, and those who are unable to join us Sunday nights but would like to study this book on their own time, you can get a free devotional study from Southland Church: Southland Church Devotional Resources.

Guest Speakers at Life

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Jonny Murray is preaching! Anyone who has heard him speak at Life or elsewhere knows that he always brings a thought-provoking word. Dr. Lawson Murray, President of Scripture Union Canada, will be speaking to us on the premise of his new book Bible Engagement Basics Jacob Wilson will be bringing his ceaseless energy and passion to preach!

Work Studies Are Back!

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On November 12, we are kicking off another 4 weeks of Word Studies, and this time, we’re going to be studying the book of James! What are Word Studies? They’re a chance to look at scripture in an interactive and immersive way; it’s an opportunity to dig deeper into the Word, ask questions, gain insights, and get a deeper understanding of what you’re reading. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun too! November 12–December 3, 2017 (4 weeks). On the final evening (Dec. 3) we will have our semi-formal Word Studies banquet. We will be holding the study at our Life Church building. The cost, including the banquet, is $40 per person. This is for supplies, snacks, banquet, etc. For more information, contact Stacy, or email

Life Group Kick Off

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Life groups are starting up for the fall! But before we break out into our groups we’re having our annual kick off! This is going to be a fun time to introduce the new season, give you details about the when’s, where’s, and who’s. Oh, and for added encouragement to come, there will be snacks.

Kidz Company: We’re Back!

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It’s September again. That means school, cooler weather, and… Kidz Company! That’s right, we’re back! If you (or your kids) are in grade 1-6, your Thursday nights could be a lot more exciting. Games, crafts and stories! Adventures, learning and excitement! Kidz Company is a night you and your friends won’t want to miss!

Sunday, August 6

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Celebration won’t be at the LC this week! It’s be a blessing Sunday! What does that mean? Well, we have a whole team up blessing the youth at Stayner Camp, and want to release everyone else to be a blessing wherever you are this Sunday. Visit another church…have neighbours over…go for a good walk…be a blessing to someone else.

Summer 2017 @ Life Church

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Have you been wondering what’s going on at Life Church over the summer? Have you been away on vacation (lucky!) and are feeling out of the loop? Are you constantly asking your spouse/friends/kids/siblings/parents/strangers what’s going on this week? Worry not, because here’s the Life Church Kidz/Family calendar for summer 2017!